About Us

Since its founding in November of 2002, Illusion Studio, located in Houston, Texas, has expanded from a one-man operation to a cohesive and talented team comprised of animators and artists working collectively towards achieving our goal of “Bringing Your Graphics to Life.” In fulfilling our mission to our clients to deliver maximum quality, we utilize the most creative and technological innovations and rely on the synthesis of successful and effective animation, 3D modeling, character design, special effects and digital composition. Please visit our portfolio pages for a more detailed profile of the capabilities that we offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Illusion Studio is among Houston's leaders in full production 3D computer animation, modeling, rigging, and visual effects. Our approach to the animation process allows us to deliver a turnkey product for our clients.


Concept Design, Storyboards, Illustration

Character Development, Rigging and Effect
-Customized humanoid or creature rigs
-Cloth, hair & fur, fluids, particles, muscles...etc.

Modeling and UV Layout (character, prop, set, vehicle or product)

-Character animation
-Mechanical animation

Shader Development/Texturing

Lighting and Rendering

Max Script Development

Post Production
-Camera Tracking
-Special FX

Motion Graphic Design

Video Production