LaserGen: DNA Replication Process

Client: LaserGen

Illusion Studio was commissioned to develop and create a short animation designed to provide a visual aid for the client’s purpose in illustrating the DNA replication process...

A Gentleman's Chimerical Holiday

Client: In-house Project

This is an overly-fantasized world created by fictitious gentlemen who wish to wash away the day's grime and enter a place of relaxation and splendor. The visit is through...


Client: In-house project

The basic fur ball was used as a model in this in-house project, modified to develop a series of animal-based concept characters, resulting in a seemingly limitless library of quirky, fully-designed creatures.

MBS: Massage Sandal

Client: MBS

Illusion Studio was commissioned to develop and create an animation used to illustrate the process of patented technology for a massage sandal product.


Client: In-house Project

As it is in the concept stages, and currently lacking a specific narrative structure, digital paintings and sketches have been developed around characters derived from the forms and figures of the garbage...